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ABOUt the  pri project

The Page Blvd Revitalization Initiative (PRI) is a community-driven, community-based planning effort led by Better Family Life with the support of The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, Brown School Evaluation Center, NeighborWorks America and other community stakeholders. Our primary service handprint is located within the boundaries of the PRI area, identified as: Vernon Ave to the South, City Limits to the West, Wells Ave to the North and Kingshighway Blvd. to the East. This area includes portions of neighborhoods within Hamilton Heights, the West End, and Academy-Sherman Park. This area has been a long-term 37+ year home for Better Family Life. Residents in this corridor have endured well over 50 years of disinvestment and “planned blight” of their communities. The goal of this effort, in the urban core of the City of St. Louis, is to strategically reduce the impacts of long-term, inter-generational poverty in ways that allow families to remain, mature and serve meaningful roles in the future evolution of their neighborhoods, the city and the region. This area also serves as a bridge between racial, economic and other social groups.

Over the next 12- 14 months, the PRI plans to address important topics within the community such as economic development, safety, transportation, housing, public spaces, environmental concerns, health, education and more. During this process, neighbors, activists, business owners, and stakeholders will be engaged through workshops, community meetings, open houses, and more to voice concerns within the PRI area and provide solutions to them. We are currently looking for residents within the PRI area who are dedicated to improving their communities to lead this effort by joining the steering committee.

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